AME Course and Job Success Story

This is my success story after doing AME course from a reputed college south India. After AME ab-initio course, i was looking around for AME OJT and went so many places for a chance. I asked my mates, relatives, and some politicians to get training. That time i heard about a back door job opportunity in Jet ariways, and i went for enquiry. They asked me to pay some amount of money to get the training plus job. First six months will be training without any payment and after that paid internship. I was happy and satisfied with their agreement.

I paid the money and after 15 days i got call letter for joining. Even it is back door, i found it is helpful because most of the training these days need initial payment without any paid intern. I went for the training and managed six months there. After that month onward i got paid but the works and responsibility was so hard. Also the salary was less that time, i hardly managed the expense in that big city. I was worried about my family because they are spending a lot for my AME course and Job.

Mediators playing for Getting AME Jobs

When there comes any vacancies inside the aviation organizations, very few people will be knowing about this inside aviation industry. So they use this opportunity for money making. I won’t say all people are corrupted, but some are still there to make some money with these loop holes. This is why people who are experienced and qualified not getting any of these opportunities, as they keep these vacancies as secret.

Some companies publish their requirements in their own websites but many of them are already filled with back ways. For the sake of company norms, they conduct test, interviews etc. and in the end those who are already offered the money will get the job. This is what happening in today's aviation industry. Corruption is everywhere and I don’t want to point out each and every sectors since we deal only aviation.