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An Interesting AME Student Experience

Hello Sir, I would like to share one interesting experience with you. Before AME exams, we were so worried about failure because we dont know anything to write even though the questions were objective and subjective. However, we need to pass the exam. For AME course girls are very rare, and most instructors are men. So few girls in a batch is a time pass for them and we guys too. And this exam, what i remember is written fine with the help of this girl in our batch. She was pretty and good looking too, and our instructor are very happy to talk to her  

Day before the exam, she went to the instructor and talked that she dont know anything and blah blah...By hearing this, our instructor felt sad and give her a copy of question paper. Her naughty talks may hunt him down or may be he was very fond of that pretty girl. Anyways, when she got the questions, she shared it with us and we all passed well. 

I felt to share this AME student experience when i read your interesting posts sir...please dont share my details here. Thankyou.

Studying AME course, I feel like a looser | AME Student Expereince

When I think about the time I spend for studying AME course, I feel like a looser. Even though I completed the course with two license papers cleared I still don’t understand why I could not survive in the aviation industry. Later I found that, aviation industry welcome only the people who are experienced and have full support or by some luck. I was not having any of these fortunes after completion of the course. I tried hard for the six months On Job Training and finally done this in the college itself where I studied AME course. After getting the course completion, I went to Mumbai looking for some aviation jobs or training whatever I can do with AME certificate. Unfortunately all doors in front of me was shut as I am not having the experience or support. 

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