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Studying AME course, I feel like a looser | AME Student Expereince

When I think about the time I spend for studying AME course, I feel like a looser. Even though I completed the course with two license papers cleared I still don’t understand why I could not survive in the aviation industry. Later I found that, aviation industry welcome only the people who are experienced and have full support or by some luck. I was not having any of these fortunes after completion of the course. I tried hard for the six months On Job Training and finally done this in the college itself where I studied AME course. After getting the course completion, I went to Mumbai looking for some aviation jobs or training whatever I can do with AME certificate. Unfortunately all doors in front of me was shut as I am not having the experience or support. 

Importance of AME OJT with AME course

Aircraft maintenance Engineering is a three year course in India but the institute training only for 2 and half years and remaining six months is your AME On Job Training. This training will provide you with practical experience and knowledge about aircrafts, aviation industry and various services and maintenance activities carrying out etc. that you have already studied as theory in Institute. So this is a hands on experience you are getting after theoretical training. By this six months training only, you will complete the three years course and you will get course completion certificate after successful completion of the course. That means, AME course plus AME OJT will be the final course structure for AME students.

Why AME institutes provide BBA with AME Course

From few years onwards, AME institutes started providing BBA as distant course with AME. But have you ever thought why this bridge in between? This is really interesting to know, with AME you will have BBA after three years course. This BBA course is a distant degree course and no wonder why they provide this with AME course as they just wanted to cover it up. Anything that sells under a nice package sells better, is the marketing slogan! So they wanted to attract the students to AME course as they think they can get AME with BBA degree. But students not thinking this, if they want BBA, they can have it in regular, so it provides more value than a distant xyz university. So think about it. This means you don’t take BBA while studying AME course, but you have to be wise while planning your career.