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Difficulty in OJT after AME

I find it difficult to get OJT after AME course as the students are more outside waiting for the same OJT training of six months that are already passed out from different institutes. As the students increased for this practical training for AMEs, the Aviation industries began to charge fees and looked for recommendations. The students of AME course which are not having enough jacks are not able to get the training even though they try hard to get somewhere in.

The usual practice of the students is sending resumes to aviation companies who are all recruiting or giving training for AME students and waiting for their call letter or reply. This is time consuming and sometimes you may not receive any replies. So it’s very hard part for the students to obtain the training to finish the course.

Some of the AME institutes itself providing OJT training inside the campus itself and this can be utilized for the students which will help them to complete the course.

When I drop Aviation Career as AME

There was a time I really wished to be in aviation industry. But when I realized that it’s very difficult to be in the industry without much experience and hold I thought to quit the field. Now I am doing a degree course as distant and doing a part-time job. I find the life difficult when there was no way in front of me. But I never give up. I want to earn something from this life, so I want continue my studies. So I am doing this degree and making some money by doing part-time jobs. I never blame my fate, I never blame the institution where I studies AME course, it’s all my dreams and all dreams won’t get full filled unless we take some actions for it. There are some difficulties faced by me in this situation so that I quit.

AME's Career Only in Aviation Industry

If you are planning to do Aircraft Maintenance engineering, your primary aim must to be an Aviation professional. Since you chose the career to be inside aviation industry it’s a great choice. But if you want to do further studies and need other sectors of job prospectus, in that case AME course may not be a great choice. You need ab-initio training of AME course from the DGCA approved institute as well as much experience to work in the Aviation industry. So that, if you want to build good career inside aviation industry gain experience as well as knowledge.