After completion of AME course in an Institute the candidate is required to have an on job training from an approved organization. The approval is given by the airworthiness authority DGCA India. The training will be conducted for 6 months in mechanical or Avionics according to the stream taken. Successful Completion of the training will provide the candidate for the completion of the AME course.

In India there are 75 approximately AME approved institutes offering the course, but very less providing OJT for the students. So they need to seek some approved organizations in India offering the Training in the industry. This is very hard to get because of less airline companies and aviation industries in India.

There are some MRO's which is providing training for these people. But these days they are charging huge amounts for the training. Since the number of students completing the courses increasing and also the less maintenance bases in India lead to demand for training. However the training is a must for the students to gain knowledge in the field and for eligibility factor in writing DGCA exams. According to the CAR (Civil Aviation Requirements) the candidate must posses the required refresher training to appear for the DGCA license examination.

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