Cochin International Aviation Services Ltd. (CIASL), MRO is a big budget project ready to commence in India for the Maintenance of Aircrafts and services. The maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility held on a property of 32 acres (130,000 m2), at an initial cost of 80 crore (US$17.76 million). The first phase includes two hangars for narrow-body aircraft, with facilities for the bay line maintenance run-up, workshops, aircraft parking and a link way by taxi. The second phase proposes an additional two narrow body hangars along with two wide-body hangars, more parking bays and workshops. The MRO component will cover the areas of wheels and brakes, electrical and avionics, hydraulics, safety equipment, cabin interiors, engine and the storage medium, also with possible future expansion. CIASL is in talks with a maintenance company for American planes to the joint partnership. Air India has expressed interest in partnering with CIASL to have a maintenance facility for its additional flights. With this project, CIASL proposes to attract large-scale investments from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), and it hopes to freight operators and business jets, especially the growth markets of India, West Asia and Southeast Asia.
This will be a turning point for the aviation growth in our country. They will offer maintenance of all heavy aircrafts engines overhaul etc. The company is providing career opportunities for the people (AIRCRAFT TECHNICIANS) who have good experience.

They are asking for Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License at- least in one category (HA, JE, ES, IS, RN) and a minimum of 5 years aviation experience or Persons with 5 years practical aircraft maintenance experience out of which at least one year practical maintenance experience on Heavy Transport Aircraft. This is an amazing chance for the aviation people to get lot of opportunities in the field of aircraft maintenance and services. The developments in the aviation field not only serve the country but also the people who are dedicated their life in aviation industry. Job opportunities still are rising from normal; however experience is a must in the industry. To gain this experience one should have great knowledge in the field. Are you ready to start an aviation career? Think about it!